The SegaGuys - Retro Sega Podcast

Season 1: “My Favourite SEGA …” - feat. David ‘KC’ Luis (@KCRadioMan - host of The Sega Lounge on RadioSEGA).

April 24, 2021

Welcome to another episode of the SegaGuys and to another episode of "My Favourite SEGA ...", where this week we welcome yet another brilliant Sega community guest to the show. It's a real pleasure for us to sit down and chat once again with the one and only 'KC', host of RadioSEGA's brilliant podcast, The Sega Lounge.

KC kindly hosted us on the Lounge last year, so it's only fair we return the favour and have him on the RetroPod to chat about his gaming history, favourite Sega game/music/console and much more.

As always when we catch up with KC, there are laughs galore in this one. Thanks again KC, it was great fun.

You can find KC @KCRadioMan on Twitter, and find the Sega Lounge @TheSegaLounge. Visit for the latest podcast news and to stream episodes and remember to check out RadioSEGA at

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