Hello and welcome once again to a brand new SegaGuys RetroPod! 

On this show James and Dan will go back in time to E3 1997 and examine Bernie Stolar's now infamous line, the one liner which shattered the dreams of millions of Saturn owners and seen Sega's 32-bit system fizzle out in the West by 1998, leaving gamers on this side of the world without a new and supported Sega system until the launch of the Dreamcast in late 1999.


Revisit the launch.

Give our thoughts on what Sega could have done differently.

Tell you why the Saturn very much had a vital role to play in Sega's future, a role it was never allowed to fulfil.

Detail the games which could have made all the difference (the worst part is they launched them!).

And tell you why that infamous line was Sega's very own Sliding Doors moment, a moment which sent ripple effects through the company that would impact it until the final Dreamcast was manufactured.

All this and much more on another packed SegaGuys RetroPod!

Welcome, and a Happy New Year to all our listeners! On this first RetroPod of 2021, James & Dan go back in time to the origins of the XBOX, when SEGA tried their hardest to remain in the hardware game, albeit fleetingly, by hanging onto the coat tails of the new kid on the block from Microsoft.

We go back to the Dreamcast's final days, explore the talks between both companies, SEGA's dreams and Microsoft's denial, before taking you on a journey to the present day to show just why SEGA has had a far larger influence on XBOX, and modern gaming, than many give them credit for.

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We are back!

The SegaGuys return to bring you some festive Sega goodness as we form part of RadioSEGA’s WinterFest 2020 line up.

On this show James & Dan select and discuss their Capcom “Dirty Dozen” as they explore Capcom’s legacy on Sega consoles.

Starting in the earliest days as their relationship blossomed with Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition on the Mega Drive and grew generation after generation, arguably becoming Sega’s staunchest third party developer ever.

Thank you once again to KC, Viper, and the RadioSEGA community for having The SegaGuys as part of WinterFest 2020. It was a truly astounding event with an array of Sega content creators making their contributions.


Hello! And welcome to a brand new RetroPod, where this time James and Dan pay homage to the brilliant Sega MegaDrive on it's 30th (THIRTIETH!?) PAL anniversary.

We discuss our memories of the system, our favourite games, the music we adore, and as usual through in plenty of banter to boot.

There's also, as with our Saturn special, some fantastic appearances from some of our community listeners, who share their love and memories of an iconic system for you all to enjoy.

Thanks again for listening!

On March 29th 2001, just two days before the discontinuation of the Sega Dreamcast, SEGAGAGA was released in Japan. The game was described as a 'Sega Simulation', allowing players to take control of the company and save it from the 'evil DOGMA Corp' (aka Sony), who had 97% of the console market.

In this episode, James & Dan travel back to the 1990's and inspired by SEGAGAGA, detail their 13 point plan that could save Sega.

  1. Don’t kill the Saturn so soon.
  2. Launch Dreamcast alongside PS2.
  3. DVD support.
  4. Ditch the modem.
  5. EA platform sport exclusivity.
  6. Retain the Saturn 3D controller.
  7. Marketing (show in game footage).
  8. Don’t use advertising budget on sponsoring football teams.
  9. Grand Theft Auto 3.
  10. Better Model 3 ports (Scud Race, Daytona USA 2, etc).
  11. Premium & Standard SKU's.
  12. Downloadable MegaDrive/Master System Games + Revive Classic Franchises.
  13. Don’t Give Up!

This is our 10th episode, and we truly appreciate and are continually humbled by the amazing support of our listeners and the community.

Thank you for tuning in, we hope you enjoy.

And so, here we are ... the finale of the first ever SegaGuys Chronicles and the end of our journey though the Virtua Fighter games which appeared on Sega hardware.


In this finale, James & Dan discuss the impact of Virtua Fighter 3 in both the arcade and the home, mull over the Dreamcast port and give their views on the work done by Genki, and touch on the Saturn port that never was while discussing the influence VF3 did have on a Saturn game you might know; Fighters Megamix.


Thank you to everyone who has joined us on this journey through the years and allowed us into their homes/phones/tablets/headphones to talk about one of our favourite gaming series ever.


We hope you enjoyed listening as much as we did recording.

In this episode, James & Dan pay homage to the wonderful Sega Saturn after the console reached the ripe old age of 25 in Europe on July 8th. The guys chat through their memories of the system, their first experiences with it, their favourite games, their most revered soundtracks, plus have the now mandatory Sega sing song and plenty of banter to boot.

Special thanks also to the community members who got involved and recorded sound bytes for use in the show, as they tell you their special Saturn memories. They are:

@TomLeeCee, @Retro_Prime, @StewieUK55, @NeptuneVirtua, @SaturnTeamNews, @ChrisNunn84, @CuppaTea4Me, @Gothweet, and a special thanks to @Worcanna also for getting involved.

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Thank you for tuning in and enjoy the show!

Welcome to another episode of the SegaGuys RetroPod, where this weekend we continue our Chronicles series and our focus on the Virtua Fighter series, this time looking at Virtua Fighter 2. We discuss the origins of the game, our memories of the first time we seen and played it, the key gameplay mechanic changes in the sequel, and touch on the various other ports that came after the Sega Saturn version.

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Welcome to the debut episode of our brand new CHRONICLES series, where James and Dan focus on a particular game or series and delve into it's history, various home ports, and personal experiences with the games. 

To kick things off, we present volume 1, focusing on the legendary Virtua Fighter series. In part one, we discuss the original Virtua Fighter and Virtua Fighter Remix.


On this episode of the RetroPod, James & Dan give their reaction to the Game Gear Micro and ask how the hell someone managed to get it signed off for production. They also chat about the 'big' Famitsu story from June 4th, and give their opinions on what they would love to see from a SEGA arcade streaming service. As usual there's stories, tales from the past and tangents galore on another fun packed RetroPod.


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